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CMHC’s Monthly E-Newsletter – September 2022

The PCLG SUPPORT GROUP offers a safe place where you can connect with other parents & caregivers who are raising a child or youth with mental health challenges. Learn about resources and advocating for your child as you navigate through the system. Join us on the 2nd Thursday of every month at 7:00 pm to share your challenges and celebrate successes.

CMHC’s Monthly E-Newsletter – February 2022

As children and youth continue to face violence and ongoing trauma in Hennepin County, it is important to keep in mind the trauma impacts each of us differently. Children and youth may not have the words to tell you what they are thinking and feeling.

CMHC’s Monthly E-Newsletter – January 2022

The Collaborative staff and leadership are grateful to you, our partners, for your commitment to ensuring a comprehensive, integrated, and equitable children’s mental health service system is functioning and meeting the mental health needs of children, youth and their families in Hennepin County.