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The Minnesota Legislature established Children’s Mental Health Collaboratives and Family Services Collaboratives in 1993.  Learn more…

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Our Mission

To improve access to and resources for high-quality, culturally and economically supportive mental health services for infants, children, youth and families within Hennepin County through our working partnerships with Family Service Collaboratives, County and State Government, Adult Mental Health Systems, Parents, Schools, and Health Systems.  Our collective vision is to ensure effective and accessible community-based mental health systems and supports for infants, children, youth and families with mental health needs.


November 2020 Updates from the CMHC

At the last CMHC Governance Committee, Cindy Slowiak & Audrey Flack of Hennepin County Human Services-Behavioral Health presented an update on the work their area is both planning and doing related to system of care (SoC) implementation. Thank you to those that attended and are interested/engaging in this work!

Reminder To Register

In February 2020, Hennepin County Human Services sponsored a two-day event to introduce our community to systems of care. It had been their hope that this event would be the catalyst for continued work in building our local children’s mental health system of care. Unfortunately, COVID-19 hit a couple of weeks later, and our collective attention got diverted in other directions.

Hello from the CMHC! - Early October 2020 Updates

We're very excited to send our first update from our new Mailchimp account! This will make communicating with you all much easier. If you found this email in your junk mailbox, please make sure you mark it not spam as this is how we'll be communicating updates moving forward. Please see below for the updates we have.


Empowering parents to promote positive change

Vision: All Hennepin County families will have access to and a voice in promoting a high quality children’s mental health system.

Mission: To empower Hennepin County families to become valued advocates and decision-makers at all levels of the children’s mental health system through education, outreach, and support.

Please Note:

The CMHC does not provide any direct services to children or families, but provides financial support to agencies that do. We also do not provide general information or consulting assistance to parents who are attempting to navigate the mental health systems within Hennepin County.


If you are a parent or community member who is looking for this assistance, we recommend you call:

1.  Hennepin County Front Door: 612-348-4111
2.  Hennepin County Easy Information: 612-596-1300
3.  Hennepin County Crisis Line: 612-348-2233    OR outside of the county:
4.  PACER: 952-582-8616
5.  Minnesota Department of Education Special Education: 651-582-8616

Our partners and the CMHC focuses on children up to age 18 with emotional or behavioral disturbance or who are at risk of suffering an emotional or behavioral disturbance.  Our guiding principles are accessible for youth and children; culturally and gender responsive; flexible; sustainable; collaborative; system focused; accountability focused; trauma-informed; evidence-based & promising practice driven; family centered; care coordination; and  quality and effective services.

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