Scholarships and Support

Hennepin County CMHC Scholarship Awarding Criteria

Updated March 2021

The CMHC mission is to provide a forum for a diverse and representative group of system stakeholders to influence the development and ongoing operation of an accessible and effective children’s mental health service system within Hennepin County. The CMHC promotes innovative service development and continuous quality improvement in the children’s mental health system by embracing the system of care principles and available research on children’s mental health services. Our collective vision is to ensure that Hennepin County has a comprehensive, integrated and culturally responsive children’s mental health service system that meets the mental health needs of Hennepin County children, youth and their families in the least restrictive and most appropriate setting.

The CHMC is committed to providing financial assistance to support training within the children’s mental health field in Hennepin County. Funding is available for scholarships, training and sponsorships. Resources are available on a first come, first served basis throughout the year.

Please see the attached Scholarship Criteria and Request Form for more information. Send your applications to [email protected].
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