Who We Are:
We are parents and caregivers who have first hand experience in supporting a child with mental health challenges.

What We Do:
PCLG action groups offer opportunities for caregivers to connect, learn, advocate, and inform positive change to improve children’s mental health care in Hennepin County.

Action Groups
All PCLG members participate in regular PCLG group meetings and at least one Action Group.  Action groups are designed by PCLG members to address identified needs and challenges facing children and families in Hennepin County.

Connections & Support

Purpose – to provide informal space for caregivers to connect with others who ‘get it.’

Goal – to increase the number of spaces for caregivers to connect with one another and increase their capacity for self care

Education & Training

Purpose – to increase understanding around children’s mental health.

Goal – to increase the knowledge of caregivers around key issues in children’s mental health AND to increase the knowledge of professionals around the needs and experiences of families and caregivers.

System Navigation

Purpose – to support caregivers who are feeling stuck, unsure of, or frustrated by the children’s mental health care system.

Goal – to increase the number of supports and resources for caregivers to navigate and access resources in the children’s mental health care system.

Advocacy & Systems Change

Purpose – to represent the voices and priorities of caregivers at the system and policy level of children’s mental health

Goal – to attend HCCMHC and other meetings around childrens mental health, and to provide  coordination of other PCLG strategies.

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When can I join?
Action teams are ongoing. Caregivers can join any time of the year. We host regular information sessions to recruit and connect with new members.

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