Job Opportunity: Family Coordinator


The Hennepin County Children’s Mental Health Collaborative’s (HCCMHC) mission is to provide a forum for a diverse and representative group of organizations and system stakeholders to influence the development and ongoing operation of an accessible and effective children’s mental health service system within Hennepin County. The HCCMHC promotes innovative service development and continuous quality improvement in the children’s mental health system by embracing the system of care principles and available research on children’s mental health services. The Collaborative’s fiscal sponsor is NAMI Minnesota.

Family Coordinator

The Family Coordinator will support increased access and connection to children’s mental health services in Hennepin County. The Family Coordinator will act as a liaison between community-based organizations, the children, youth, and families they serve and decision-making organizations such as local government and county agencies. The Family Coordinator will work within BIPOC communities to better reflect parent and family voice and needs within the children’s mental health system. They will work collaboratively with the Hennepin County’s Behavioral Health outreach and engagement team. They will identify gaps and needs of children, youth and families, and bring these to the attention of organizations working with children and youth as well as decision-makers.

The Family Coordinator will work 30/hours a week as a contracted position through HCCMHC. This a multi-year contracted position, with an annual renewal. The expected start date is January 2, 2023.

The Family Coordinator will lead and support the following work and report to Collaborative’s Coordinator and work in partnership with Hennepin County Behavioral Health.

  • Lead parent and community engagement activities for SOC
  • Meet with local units of government who support children’s mental health services, including Family Service Collaboratives
  • Identify community-based organizations and BIPOC-focused organizations, working with children, youth and families underrepresented in children’s mental health services
  • Assess the strategies implement by trusted community-based organizations and help identify gaps in services and supports, and identify opportunities to expand and/or create new services and programs offered by trusted community-based organizations
  • Coordinate with HCCMHC parent leaders to identify priority areas of change/reform
  • Work with Collaborative and County partners to address practice changes to positively impact service delivery
  • Identify local policy barriers for families and opportunities for improvement
  • Participate in Hennepin County’s development of a governance structure for system of care

Expected qualifications:

  • Strong relationship building and organizing skills
  • Creative problem solving skills, adapting approaches as needed
  • Commitment to approaching practice and policy with a racial, economic, and geographic equity lens and working cross culturally
  • Proven ability to define problems, gather supporting information, and transform into projectlevel strategies
  • Strong verbal, written and presentation communication skills
  • Demonstrates ability to work independently, remotely, and make decisions as needed
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Some evenings and weekends may be required
  • Some travel may be required

Preference will be given for the following qualifications:

  • Has lived experience with children’s mental health
  • Speaks multiple languages

The contracted position is expected to have their own computer, internet access, and home office equipment to manage the expected work and deliverables. General liability insurance and other insurance are necessary, but guidance will be provided upon an offer.

Applications for the contracted position are due by November 18, 2022. Interviews will take place late November and early December 2022. Send your applications to [email protected].

For more information about this contracted position for the Hennepin County Children’s Mental Health Collaborative, contact the Coalition Coordinator, Laura LaCroix-Dalluhn at [email protected].